Introducing A Powerful Method of Drawing In Your Clients. . .

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I’m Introducing a Word of the Week Wednesday Section to My Blog. Words are Power. Content Writing is alchemy. . . Or So I Like to Think. Words, after all, are the best way to draw in your new clients and keep existing ones. These may or may not be the sort of words you’re […]

Sales Letters Sell. Simple.

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If you are selling any goods or services, you can just hope that letting people know your product exists will do the trick, but most likely, you will need to try and do some more direct selling A sales letter is one way of letting existing and potential customer know about your product or service […]

2019: Year of the Pig

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  Despite the charm of Charlotte’s Web and Babe, some people worry being a Pig in the Chinese zodiac isn’t the greatest. However, as with everything in China, there are many, many layers to sift through to get to the truth. And the Chinese understand there are many truths and have no problem with them […]

The Chinese New Year is on the 5th January in 2019.

Chinese New Year 2019!

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The New Year Celebrations are important in China. Each year is represented by an animal and works through a 12-year cycle. 2019 is important because it’s the final year of this cycle. There are 12 Chinese zodiac signs, in the following order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each […]

Your Website Copy

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Every word on your website should be in harmony. You know what your business represents and how you want your customers and potential clients to see you. What is your tone? Fun, informative, serious, friendly? It’s not good having a different “voice” for everything you write. Your customers won’t know how to take you! You […]