Choose Your Tone: Infographic

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Choose Your Tone: Infographic         My Classic Copywriting Series examines the most powerful and influential direct sales letters all copywriters should be aware of. Click here to read the first article that compares the classics Fly Fisherman with American Express.   A full analysis of these letters takes up a whole chapter […]

Country Fact File-Spain

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The Kingdom of Spain Capital City: Madrid Major Cities: Barcelona Valencia Seville Bilbao Málaga Language: There are five languages: Spanish (Castilian), Galician, Basque, Catalan and Occitan Population: 46.75 million Climate: Spain has three main climates: Mediterranean, semi-arid and oceanic Top Destinations: If you want to experience the passion and dynamism of Flamenco, you’re spoilt for […]

Country Fact File-Russia

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The Russian Federation Capital City: Moscow Major Cities:         Saint Petersburg Novosibirsk Yekaterinburg Nizhny Novgorod Samara Omsk Kazan Language: Russian There are 35 other languages spoken in various regions Population: 145.93 million Climate: Russia is a cast country and has several climates. In general, northern Russia has a subarctic climate. Central Russia has a humid continental […]

Word of the Week – Shame

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Shame Shame. This word works on righteous outrage and curiosity. How often have you read about a celebrity shame weekend drugs and drink-fuelled binge?  Or a politician’s shameful double standards- voting to cut the budget to help people buy their first homes while using taxpayer’s money to buy another villa in France? Result? Indignation. It’s […]