To Travel is to Live

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“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen We’ve all been there. The dawn breaking over the ocean. The sound of pray wheels spinning on top fo a mountain. Marble columns tall and shining in a woodland grove. Experiencing the beauty of culture, tradition, life somewhere new. If it’s your job to share those experiences […]

Is Your Life All About Travelling?

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“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” ~ Anna Quindlen     Could your travel service be the experience that turns someone’s life around? Or brings them peace of mind? It’s an awesome responsibility! Learn more about how my content and copywriting services can help boost your business. Contact me […]

Word of the Week- Amazing

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Amazing Look at any list of must-have words for your copywriting or digital content marketing, and “amazing” is always there. Let’s take a look at this popular marketing word. Firstly, what does amazing really mean? Although there is some debate, the consensus is that it comes from the Old English verb amasian which meant to […]

Word of the Week – Comfort

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Comfort/Comfortable   Do you offer rooms in a Bed and Breakfast with all the comforts of home? Can those who visit your pub sit in comfort by the fire on icy days? Does your mindfulness course help people feel comfortable in their own skin? Can you give people the confidence to feel comfortable standing up […]