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Word of the Week Wednesday – Curiosity

The power of curiosity
Words are Power. Content Writing is alchemy. . . Or So I Like to Think.


Our first clutch of words is all focussed all around that most basic human instinct – pure nosiness!

As so we are told, it all began with Eve. Blamed for the fall of mankind, Eve was tempted to eat an apple. But did you know the apple was from the Tree of Knowledge? What else inspires the desire for knowledge but curiosity? How does that work? Why did she do that? What happens if I press the big red button with “Don’t Ever Press This?” written it?

And what about Pandora? According to the Greek myth, Pandora was given a box to look after by Zeus, King of the Gods. She was told very clearly, that under no circumstances whatsoever to open it. I don’t know how long she resisted, but of, course, how could she resist? How could any of us? Out of the box flew spites representing every disease, malady and bad feeling  . . . leaving one tiny little creature in the bottom. Hope. A poignant tale. We all know curiosity can lead us to danger- it snatches a life even from the wily cat- but it also leads us to explore in the hope for a better way of life.

The Power of Curiosity Goes On

Speaking of danger . . . Think of Mallory, the famous explorer.

“Why did you want to climb Mount Everest?” he was asked.

“Because it’s there,” his simple response.

Curiosity. Is it possible? What will it be like up there?

On a more personal level, my gran was in constant despair of my otherwise very sensible grandfather for one funny trait.

At every “wet paint” sign he’d come across, he’d reach over and touch the newly painted fence, bench or wall. And most likely come away with a freshly paint-stained hand.

“Why did you touch it when it said wet paint?” she’d wail.

“To see if it was wet,” he’d reply.


Injecting curiosity into your blog posts, sales letters and online content makes people read on. So, what did happen to Eve? The world, newly infected with everything bad? The cat? Mallory? All that new paint my grandfather messed up?

Curiosity will pull your clients and potential customers deep into your world and keep them busy while you explain how perfect your product or service is.

Where is that secret beach in Thailand? How can they get a free meal at a top restaurant in New York? What is the age-old technique you can teach them for instant relaxation? What 5 ways can they boost their kids’ self-esteem before breakfast?

Your client will want to know. Learn more about what my content and copywriting services include.

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