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Word of the Week – Secret

The power of secrets
Words are Power. Content Writing is alchemy. . . Or So I Like to Think.



The power of secrets is intense.


“Listen . . .

Do you want to know a secret?

Do you promise not to tell?

Closer . . .

Let me whisper in your ear . . .”

Ahh, the immortal lyrics of Billy J Kramer. . . He knew the truth.


Secrets are Big News.

If you have one, you’ve got something to say people will drool over . . .

If you get told one, you’re part of the group . . .

If you find one out . . . What a thrill! How naughty! “Did she really do that?” “He said what?

We Love Secrets.

Half of the drama of soap operas, films, and novels are based around people keeping secrets. Where would Great Expectations be without the secrets of Miss Havisham? The plot of Rebecca would have been a lot more straightforward without Max De Winter’s silence. And, let’s not get into the trouble secrets caused in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

The word “secret” dates back to late 14 century Latin. “Secretus” means to set apart, withdraw, hide, or conceal”.

Sometimes we conceal things because we think we’re helping or protecting people. Sometimes things are kept hidden from spite. Or maybe we fail to mention something important to save our own skin. Sometimes to get ahead.

Why Do Secrets Work in Copywriting?

  • We want the secret to being beautiful, rich, charismatic . . .  Whatever the cause, finding out about one feels great.
  • Using the ideas of secrets are a great way to arouse curiosity [link to previous]. Everyone wants to be in on them.
  • They want to be the one to enjoy that secret serene hideaway in bustling Bangkok.
  • They want that secret formula to health and well-being.
  • Who doesn’t want to know the secret to holidaying like a millionaire on a budget?
  • And people love to be the one to share a secret.

That’s why I inject little nuggets of “secret” knowledge into my copy. It gives customers a good feeling. They feel special, they have a conversation piece, they have the upper hand in a situation.

Any secrets you can reveal should be added into your content. They make excellent headlines and life notes for sales letters. Secrets are fantastic for getting people who open emails when used as the subject.

A word of warning though. . . Would you like to know what it is? It’s a secret I’ll reveal next time. . .

Do you want to delve in a little deeper. . .

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