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Country Fact File – China


Full Name:

People’s Republic of China

Ultimate Variety Can Be Found in China.
Ultimate Variety Can Be Found in China. You’ll Find Something to Fall in Love With!
Capital City:


Major Cities:

Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing, Tianjin


The official language is Mandarin, but there are several other linguistical groups.


1.386 billion


China is huge so there is a lot of variation. From arid continental in the north to tropical monsoon in the south.

In the east, you have a humid monsoon climate, but it’s cooler in the mountainous western regions.

Top Destinations:

Where to start?

Visit the Great Wall.

Gaze upon the Terracotta Army.

Kayak down the Li River.

Visit the incredible Shanghai, even if just to see it lit up at night!

Go to Chengdu to see the giant pandas.

Important Dates:


Chinese New Year: 5 February

Qingming Festival (“Tomb-sweeping Day”): 5 April

May Day: 1 May

Dragon Boat Festival: 7 June

Mid-Autumn Day: 13 September

National Day:1 October


China only has one time zone. This means sometimes the sunrise can be as late as 10 AM in western China!

Respecting the elderly is very important. If your parents over 60 years, you’d be breaking the law if you don’t visit them regularly.

The Chinese railway is so extensive that it’s could wind around the earth twice!

China has the largest population of any country. In fact, 1 in 5 people is Chinese.


Get more information from the China National Tourist Office.

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