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Introducing A Powerful Method of Drawing In Your Clients. . .

I’m Introducing a Word of the Week Wednesday Section to My Blog.

copywriting and content writing words

Words are Power. Content Writing is alchemy. . . Or So I Like to Think.

Words, after all, are the best way to draw in your new clients and keep existing ones.

These may or may not be the sort of words you’re expecting.

As a copywriter and content creator, I know. . .

Words are powerful.

Words are magical.

Words move individuals to do wonderful and glorious things.

Words can be responsible for changing the course of a person’s life.

Words spread ideas. . . news . . . intimate thoughts.

Written words have a power all of their own. How would you feel if you could master them? To persuade, to entice, to give people hope?

I understand that every word has a unique emotion and association.

I choose each word because it fits your product, service or experience perfectly.

It must mirror the tone of your business.

Stimulate the appropriate emotion.

Be easily understood.

When selling, words are your most powerful resource.

Generate interest and stimulate curiosity. . .

Inflame desire for your product, service or experience . . .

Position you as an expert in your field . . .

Show how much you care about customer experience. . .

So, each Word of the Week will be chosen for maximum impact for sales, powerful content and lead generation.

Starting next Wednesday. . . It’s possible you may have already guessed what the first word is. . .