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Word of the Week- Confidence


Words are Power. Content Writing is Alchemy. . . Or So I Like to Think.


What do you see when you picture confidence?

I see someone with a good posture, firm, level gaze, a calm exterior. I think of someone who knows their stuff. Someone who is unflappable and flexible. They don’t hug knowledge to themselves but share it. They produce good work and are proud of it.

There are lots of books and guides, courses and mediations all about becoming confidence. It’s something we aspire to, and for good reason.

So, when you use the word “confident” or talking about “confidence” in your sales letters and content work, you transfer some of the gloss of that word onto your product.

You do have to be able to back up this confidence, however. Imagine that stereotyped salesman, talking up a storm about his amazing widget. But it never quite works the way he promised. . . if at all.

Then What?

So, you do two things (after you’ve thrown the useless gadget away).

  1. You never buy from that company again. Certainly not that rubbish widget, but you don’t risk your hard-earned cash on anything else. You assume it will be just as awful.
  2. You tell anyone in earshot how bad the product is. And anyone within Facebook, Twitter, Instagram-shot as well.

So, how do you build up the credibility confidence demands?

Testimonials and endorsements are a great back to justify your confidence. They all raise your credibility. And, the best way to boost your brand and keep clients coming back for more is to have a solid brand that stands confidently behind its products. Because those products are delivering all the benefits they promised.

An iron-clad money-back guarantee is another good to way inspire confidence. Wherever possible, ensure the client has the option to get their money back if they are not happy. It might seem harder to do this with live courses after they’ve been to the course. But it’s still a good idea where you can.


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