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Newsflash: Nobody Reads Ads

Newsflash: Nobody Reads Ads


why do people read your content?
Why Do People Invest Their Time in Reading Your Content?


It’s true. Nobody reads ads. People read interesting, informative and entertaining content. That might be connected to a brand. Nobody sits down at their computer, with their phone or with a stack of junk mail and invests their time and energy going through it.

Think of some of the most memorable advertisements you’ve read…

You might find it difficult. Chances are, you felt you were reading something fun or useful.

This is one of my favourite themes- good copy does not read like good copy. It’s effortless and rewarding.


Good Copy Fulfils a Need.

Visualise it. A potential customer comes across your copy.

They pick it up or click the link.

Does the headling reassure them they’re in the right place? If not, they might try a subhead.

Still vague or getting to the point? They might leave.

If you’re lucky, they might scroll down a little, scanning for keywords. Still nothing? They hit the back button and try the next link. They toss your mail in the bin.


Let’s Try That Again.

Visualise this.

A potential customer picks up your copy.

The headline is clear. they know they’re in the right place.

Subheads lead them through the product or service. Good, now they’ve got the gist.

They start reading in detail. Yes, yes, this is what they’re after.

They move closer to the sale.


Of course, someone might scroll through well-written copy and decide your product or service isn’t from them. That’s good, too. They don’t waste their time and you don’t have a dissatisfied customer a little further down the line.

Bottom line: don’t write ads that scream I’M SELLING THIS TO YOU!!!

Customers today are far too sophisticated for that. Remember: Nobody reads ads. Tell them what you offer. Clearly. Simply. Effectively.


It’s harder than it looks, which is where content and copywriters like me come in.

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