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Country Fact File-USA

The United States of America

usa flag
America has got to be on the wish list of every traveller.

Capital City: Washington, D.C.

Major Cities:

Where to begin? I can’t possibly name them all, so here’s a sample:

New York

Los Angeles




English is the most widely spoken language, with approximately 170 indigenous languages and others from around the world like Spanish, various Chinese languages, French and Korean

Population: 331,002,651


Another massive country, the US has more than one climate.

In general, it has a continental climate, a Mediterranean climate along the west coast. Southern Florida has a tropical climate.

Top Destinations:

For natural wonders, few can beat the Grand Canyon.  277 miles long, 18 miles wide at its greatest point, and a mile deep, it’s no wonder why helicopter rides are so popular.

Go wild in Las Vegas!  Yes, visit the Las Vegas Strip and the Stratosphere Casino for the ultimate thrill in modern decadence. Ride in a Ferrari, dine in the dark, or see what it feels like to fire a machine gun. I’m not sure what you can’t do, so let your imagination run wild on this trip.

Of course, if you want to get away from it all, Las Vegas sits in the Nevada desert. Take a bike ride at Red Rock Canyon, or gaze at the stars in the Lake Mead National Recreational Area.


Important Dates:

January 1: New Year’s Day

January 18: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 20: Inauguration Day

February 15: Washington’s Birthday / Presidents’ Day

February 7: Super Bowl Sunday

May 25: Memorial Day

July 4: Independence Day

September 7: Labor Day

October 12: Columbus Day

November 11: Veterans’ Day

November 26: Thanksgiving

December 25: Christmas Day


The United States is the largest economy in the world

On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France in 1886

The Liberty Bell was made in the same place as Big Ben in London

Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867 and has the longest coastline of any state

The USA has the longest cave system in the world, Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky


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