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Country Fact File-Yemen

Republic of Yemen


yemen flag
Most people think only of Yemen as a desert, but it has over 200 islands

Capital City: Sanaa

Major Cities:

Al Hudaydah






Language: Arabic

Population: 29.83 million


Yemen has a subtropical dry, hot desert climate

Important Dates:

22 March: Isra and Mi’raj

1 May: May Day

22 May: Unity Day

23 May: Eid al-Fitr begins

7 July: July 7th Anniversary

30 July: Eid al-Adha begins

20 August: Muharram

26 September: Revolution Day

14 October: Liberation Day

29 October: The Prophet’s Birthday

30 November: Independence Day

Top Destinations:

Al-Saleh Mosque, Sanaa is the biggest and, some say, the most beautiful mosque in Yemen.  It’s named after Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who inaugurated the mosque in November 2008.

The Great Dam of Marib blocks the Wadi Adhanah in the Dhana valley in the Balaq Hills, in the Ma’rib Governorate in Yemen. The current dam was built in the 1980s, the ruins of the first Marib dam lie in ruins close by.

Also in Sanaa, there are several fascinating ancient tombs, dating back to Paleolithic times and could be as old as 40,000 years.

The Socotra Island was recognised as a UNESCO world natural heritage site in July 2008. The name comes from Sanskrit and means “the land of bliss.” Here you’ll find the iconic desert rose Bottle tree that grow only on this island.


Yemen is It is the second-largest Arab sovereign state in the peninsula, at 527,970 square kilometres.

Yemen’s territory includes more than 200 islands, and has a coastline of about 2,000 kilometres.

Yemen is the poorest nation in the middle east.

Although the country going through many challenges, it used to be known as Arabia Felix. And felix means “happy” in Latin.  The name was thanks to the fertile land that blessed Yemen.

Another iconic tree of Socotra island is the dracaena cinnabari, or dragon blood tree.


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