2019: Year of the Pig


writing about different cultures
Pig Has Its Softer Side and is Loving and Generous.

Despite the charm of Charlotte’s Web and Babe, some people worry being a Pig in the Chinese zodiac isn’t the greatest.

However, as with everything in China, there are many, many layers to sift through to get to the truth.

And the Chinese understand there are many truths and have no problem with them conflicting.

All the animals have their positives and negatives. So, enter the Pig.


Let’s get the negatives over with first.

The pig has a reputation for being doing very little exercise and over-eating to boot. Living in a dirty pigsty and generally not doing anything particularly clever. So, you can understand why Pig has come to symbolise greed, laziness, foolishness and being uncouth.


However, the positives far outweigh this negative idea.

writing about different cultures
Pig is Strong and Ferocious.

Wild pigs, especially boars, are ferocious, brave and tough as they come. They were often used as symbols of power and good fortune across China and Japan. Pigs adorned the coat of arms of wealthy and powerful families right across Europe, as symbols of bravery. Having a Pig when you’re backed in a corner is not to be sniffed at!

The idea that pigs eat a lot also symbolises their good luck, wealth and prosperity. They can snuffle out delicious and expensive truffles. Laziness is a love of peace. And, they are pretty hard-working. However, their energy and enthusiastic nature mean they can find the good in everything, even boring tasks. This joy can be infectious.

Pigs are generous, have a great sense of humour and a wonderful tolerance and ability to love.

Though not big spenders, they do know how to enjoy themselves enjoy life. Feisty and loving? That’s quite a combo.

Roll on 2019!

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