The Hourglass Breathing Meditation Script.

Move into an upright, yet relaxed posture with your legs crossed and spine tall. You should be upright, but not straining. Try and distribute your weight evenly on either side of your spine, taking note of your shoulders…arms …pelvis …legs. Your feet are like the base of a triangle, the solid base from which to begin.

We’ll start at the top of the hourglass. Take a moment to explore all the thoughts as they come and go through your mind. As you do this, keep asking yourself,

“What’s going on with me, at this very moment?” or “How am I feeling right now?”

Notice if your stomach is clenched, or if you feel heat there or a feeling of butterflies. Perhaps you feel happy and energised. Don’t bring judgement to what you are feeling, just observe it and let the feelings be.

Take a few moments to do this now.


If you find your mind wanders, starts making up stories about what you feel, or tries to connect them to the past or future, just gently bring your mind back to the task at hand and keep asking:

“What’s going on with me, at this very moment?” or “How am I feeling right now?”


Now move to the slender middle of the hourglass.

Focus in now on your breathing, gently bring your attention to the physical sensations of breathing, notice where you feel the breath most strongly. Is it in your nostrils, chest or diaphragm? Let your attention rest there, in that place, and follow your breathing, follow each inhalation from its start to its completion. Let the breath be an anchor to this moment, keep bringing your mind back if it wanders, but bring it back kindly, don’t allow yourself to feel frustrated. Your mind is meant to wander; we just need a little bit quietness in this 21st-century rush.

So, focus on where you feel the breath most strongly, and take a few breaths here, enjoying this connection.

Again, if your mind wanders, which it will, just keep gently bringing it back to your breathing.


We are going to expand into the bottom of the hourglass.

Now, on your next inhale, follow the breath through your whole body, and let your attention take in every part of yourself as your breath moves through you.

And as you exhale, remain focussed on your entire physical body. Notice the organs, muscles, and bones.

Spend some time here now, following your breath, feeling those parts inside you that rarely get attention.


Now in the next few complete breaths, follow your body to its edges, notice the space around you and allow your body to take up all the room it takes up. Feel at home here.

Let your mind expand into this space take a few breaths here.


And as this practice comes to an end, begin to move your body, perhaps roll your shoulders and flex your fingers. Open your eyes when you’re ready. Uncross your legs. Take the time to flex your legs and rotate your ankles, flex your toes…