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Copywriting for a Restaurant.

“Yes, the food was amazing, but the best thing was when they gave her a tiger!”

Here’s why a certain restaurant is going to be booked solid this Saturday night…and most people won’t even know about it-

But you can find out how to get one of those sought-after tables if you keep reading…

Now, I’m well aware you know every stick and stone in our little city. Each gently sloping street, each lane and snicket. But, did you know, across the road from the library, there’s a little cobbled street guarded by dragons?

Most people never look up, so they never see these stone sentinels you have to duck under to pass. But if you venture onwards, holding the hand of your beloved, you’ll discover the only 4-star Chinese restaurant in Lancaster – The Fortune Star.

As you push open the heavy, carved doors, you step into another world. A world where everything from the low hanging chandeliers to the blue-veined white marble table tops is, first functional for your convenience, then made beautiful for your soul.

This little secret is famous among the local Chinese, and the Asian students seeking the authentic flavours that remind them of home. Their tables are piled high with succulent char siu roast pork chow mein lightly fried with fresh spring onions and delicious soy, sweet and sour chicken jam-packed with tasty cherry tomatoes, pineapple chunks and a rainbow of peppers, and the flavour-bomb that The Golden Fortune specialise in- dumplings filled with meltingly tender beef, soy sauce and ginger.

“I tell my mother,” says Chen, an engineering student at the university, “don’t worry about me here, I can eat good food here every night!”

The walls are hung with richly embroidered tapestries in golds, greens and yellows. The tangy scent of orange sauce lingers as it’s carried past, piquing your senses. Patrons converse in hushed voices that fade into the ethereal strings of the erhu, allowing you to feel secluded and alone despite the vibrant company.

You’ll be welcomed by smiling staff and settled into your table. And, don’t worry, this place is bigger than it looks. You won’t have to squeeze past other diners to get there. Your personal space is respected, and each table is a discreet distance apart, so you can enjoy only the company you chose to share this evening with, without being jostled by a stranger pushing back his chair.

The staff serve you quickly and are always on hand for your bottomless green tea refills, but don’t worry; they don’t hover, remaining attentive from a distance. And, anyone who can say “hello” or “thank you” in Mandarin gets a radiant smile and special treatment from the staff all night.

Jian especially delights in giving his beautiful customers his handmade origami creations, folded from impossibly thin, ivory paper. You and your guests could all leave with an elegant crane, prowling tiger or majestic dragon!

Start with the British Chinese classic­­­ like­­­­­­ the golden spring roll. Let your mouth water over shiitake mushrooms and water chestnuts cooked in a light soy sauce and enfolded in rice paper wraps served on a bed of lettuce.

Savour old favourites like crispy aromatic duck, deep fried and marinated to perfection in five spices, peppercorns and cumin. Roll up the shredded, tender meat in a soft pancake, dip in thick, fragrant hon sin sauce and crunch into its thin and crispy skin.

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, delve into the New Twists section of the menu. Try sticky, glazed ribs smoked over green tea and served on a soft pillow of rice. Indulge in hand-pulled dan-dan noodles topped with minced chilli beef. Or, if you’re feeling brave, you can try your luck with the hot and spicy ma po tofu, a harmony of fierce peppers, sesame infused tofu and slivers of ginger dressed with chilli infused rice balls.

With a menu like this, it’s no wonder The Fortune Star won the Best New Restaurant Award for the North West in 2016 and has a 5-star rating on Trip Advisor, YELP and Google. I only heard about this place because of Nico, and you know how fussy that French chef is about his food! “You have to go there,” he told me, “I won’t eat Chinese anywhere else now!”

With down to earth food, prepared with true pride at a reasonable price (at the Fortune Star, they have found the balance between quality, beauty and price) and a great atmosphere – you’re guaranteed a delicious meal and a happy girlfriend! [Where you take it from here is up to you, but the scene has been set for a magical night.]

Now, this Saturday is Jian’s birthday. And I happen to have an exclusive invitation written in golden calligraphy on a lucky red ticket for a meal for two.

Jian’s special treat- free chrysanthemum tea that blossoms in the glass for your teetotal girlfriend, and a free aperitif of rice wine for yourself, along with a FREE dessert when you order a starter and a main – is too good to miss. RSVP to his special invitation and book your table NOW!

Should you need further convincing, take a look at what other people are saying!

Daniel Alexander- 5 stars

“Order the ribs!
This is a fantastic little Chinese restaurant. I have been here a couple of times and have always left full and wanting more at the same time.
The menu is extensive, which in other restaurants could be a worry as to the chef over aiming… But here all the food is excellent. Equally they staff, especially the owner is happy to chat and provide a great service. Definitely worth a visit.”

Olivia Ha – 5 stars

“An amazing Chinese restaurant. Wonderful food, reasonable prices and friendly staff. Have been a regular customer since its opening in Lancaster and never been let down!”

Emmie Togneri -5 stars

“The place is beautiful. The food is stunning and the staff couldn’t be more attentive. Honestly don’t have a bad word to say about this place. Been coming for years.”

David and Donna Yip – 5 stars

“Love this restaurant. The food is so good you will almost certainly eat too much and still feel like you’ve missed out on some wonderful food – either because you didn’t order them or were too full to eat them.
I really can’t emphasize enough how good every dish is… This restaurant is light years better than any other Chinese I have been to (including a handful in Beijing.)”

Call the number below to reserve your place!

If you want to impress with a delicious meal of hearty portions, served by charming staff in a cozy, yet elegant setting, come and enjoy being one of Jian’s special guests- I know he’ll have something special planned!