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Subject Line: Are You Really Treating Your Dog Responsibly?
Most Dog Owners are Shocked to Discover They Aren’t.

Dear Dog Owner,

Playful, devoted, loving, goofy… from pedigrees to mixed breeds, rescued pups to joyful mutts. They’re part of our family; you’re part of their pack.

You want them happy and healthy. You want to treat them right.

Well, at Puptastic Naturals, they wanted the same for their little pack. So, they did something about it.

Once I heard about them, I wanted to treat my dogs responsibly, too. And, guess what? They love it!

I know your canine companion will, too. Just look at my healthy, glossy boys and girls! So well-mannered and charming I can take them anywhere. They’re an instant hit from wet noses to wagging tails- and yours can be, too!

[Image of smiling couple, width of the page, with a host of the US/UK most popular dogs- with children.]

Click here to discover the best way to “treat” your dog- and learn how you can get a FREE bonus report and dog activity!

Billy Stone
Editor of The Natural Dog Journal.

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Are You Really Treating Your Dog Responsibly?

Let me take you back–oh, a couple thousand years ago or more. Deep into the wild Midwest.

There, just visible in the long grasses, you see a pack of wolves.

Their dark, intelligent eyes are fixed and focussed… Can you hear their paws striking the dirt? Probably not. And neither can that nervous, white-tailed deer they’re stalking. The grey wolves are at home here, playing, hunting, eating…

It might be hard to believe the bulldog snoring on your sofa or the golden Labrador resting his head on your knee is the American Grey’s distant ancestor, but it’s true.
Your pug might look nothing like a wolf. Your German shepherd might look one full moon away… but inside, it’s a very different story.

[Johnston Box: width of the page.
After 18,800 years of domestication, the dog’s digestion has changed from their wild ancestors. Dr Björn Axelsson from Uppsala University in Sweden compared dog and wolf DNA to find out which genes were important for domestication. He was astonished to learn dogs had genes for digesting starch! Dogs had four to 30 copies of the amylase gene. That’s used to break down starch. Wolves had two. Dr Axelsson believes living with humans and sharing their food is the reason for this. What does this mean for you? Your dog needs a unique diet.
Picture of Axelsson on one knee, patting a German shepherd.]

Your Dog is Unique.

There are about 400 dog breeds around the world, not to mention all those lovable mutts you get. They aren’t wolves anymore. So, they don’t need a diet of 100% meat. But they aren’t humans either. They’re an animal of their very own. And you need to treat them like it.

That’s why chocolate, avocados and garlic can make them sick. And how they gobble up all sorts of disgusting things and be just fine. I’m sure you have some stories about that!

We all know we need to pay special attention to what our dogs eat. But not just their meals.

We all like to give our faithful hounds treats. And they’re an important part of being a good dog owner.
Treats can be used to train puppies the vital skills they need to keep safe. They need to learn to stay, come, sit, and let go!
They help form that all important bond between you. You as pack leader, them as loyal companion.
They’re a reward for sitting still and quiet when you’re having a coffee with friends in a dog-friendly café… For putting up with long sit-downs with the grandparents… or not chasing their cat!
And, to be honest, we give ‘em treats because we love ‘em.

These are all good reasons, but it’s important those treats don’t do any harm.

That’s why we like to say you have to “treat” your dog responsibly.

“Ordinary” isn’t Good Enough for Our Dogs.

We started making dog foods back in 1990 because we were sick of highly processed, mass-produced junk food in the shops. We didn’t want that rubbish NEAR our pets. They trusted us- not just for warmth, safety and love, but for the very food they ate. We just couldn’t feed them chemicals!

Here at Furry Friends Natural Products, we make the highest quality dog foods. And our Puptastic treats are no different. Absolutely nothing is mass produced. None of our meat travels more than 8 hours to reach us.

Puptastic Naturals are made in our “human standard” kitchens. With the finest Midwest ingredients. All our foods are produced by friends and colleagues- the farmers, ranchers and fishermen of our beautiful state. No other dog treat can make such a promise.

[Image of Puptastic range, aligned right.]

We use organic ingredients from our neighbouring farms here in the beautiful Midwest. Meat and fish are delivered daily. We freeze-dry within 12 hours in our own kitchens.

[Sidebar, aligned right:
“There is so much confusion about natural dog treats that I’m grateful to have found your treats. Your ingredients are the real deal, and I respect that you work with local farmers. Our dogs are truly our best friends, and we won’t feed them anything less than human-grade ingredients. This includes treats. Thank you so much!”
— C. Dale]

Treat Your Dog-Naturally!

The best ingredients go into our bite-sized treats:

Organic, free-range eggs, laid right here on our farm.
Aberdeen Angus beef delivered fresh every day.
Rhode Island White chicken from local farmers.
Suffolk Lamb-this rich, tasty lamb is a human favourite, too!
100% REAL meat- Absolutely NO “meat derivatives!”
Small amounts of fruits, berries and grasses to mimic a natural diet.
The right mix of organs, cartilage and edible bones dogs need.

We’re fully approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). And we always have been. Right from the very beginning. Our kitchens meet the strictest standards in the US. We even meet “human standard” kitchen requirements.

[Sidebar aligned right: The Midwest- the Dream Location.
Image of a Midwest prairie, with three different dog breeds running joyfully. Underneath the text:
Rich, fertile soils. Endless flat prairies. Clear, sparkling waters. The Midwest is one of the most bountiful places in the US.]

You may be wondering why you NEVER see thousands of packets of our treats stocking the shelves of your local supermarkets. We can only produce a limited number of Puptastic Treats at this quality and high standard. Each food outlet’s chosen with care. They all share our vision for high quality, organic products. On our website, too, there’s a limited supply. We would rather produce less but make the highest quality dog treats. That’s far more important than flooding the market with low quality, chemical fillers. Your dog deserves it.

Zero Corn.

We’re proud we have NEVER used corn in any of our Puptastic Range. Corn is NOT a vegetable and NOT necessary for your dog’s health.

You may or may not be aware corn causes spikes in blood sugars. That’s as bad for dogs as it is for humans. Other companies use it as cheap bulk in mass-made foods and treats. Dr Raymond Richards, from the Massachusetts Institute of Medicine and Nutrition, says corn can also cause nutritional deficiency. “54% of corn will pass undigested through your dog because he can’t absorb the nutrients like we do.”

However, Dr Richards goes on to recommend the ingredient we DO use- brown rice. “Brown rice is easy for dogs to digest.” He says. “It’s much easier on your dog’s tummy. In fact, brown rice is recommended when dogs do have tummy troubles. Puppies especially have sensitive guts. A diet rich in corn is bad news. Among other things, this can lead to dehydration.”

This is the main reason we never, never use corn. Giving treats to puppies is the best way to train them. And they have a lot to learn. They need to learn all the commands to keep them safe and to make sure they become properly socialised. A beginner’s training session might involve many treats. But you don’t want to end up with a poorly puppy and a nasty mess to clean up. Maybe you haven’t had this experience yet, but it’s not something anyone would want to put a new puppy through.

[sidebar aligned right: Image of S Karovski, standing under his vet’s sign. Under, his testimonial:
“It’s important to find a truly healthy snack for dogs. I’m very impressed with the integrity of your business, and I recommend Puptastic Naturals to all my clients looking for healthy treats for training or just anytime. We’re proud to be one of the first veterinary clinics to carry your products, especially since we offer holistic and alternative pet care in addition to traditional medicine. We endorse only the healthiest, safest products, and Puptastic Naturals are at the top of our list of recommended treats.”
— S. Karovski, DVM]

We’re fully endorsed by:

• Midwest Veterinary Board
• America Veterinary Medical Association
• Albert Lee Minnesota Pet Authority
• Illinois Pet Lovers Association
• DogFoodAnalysis.com
• The Holistic Dog Journal

Treat Your Dog- with the Purest Vitamin E

Vitamin E has several major health benefits for dogs:

• It’s essential for building and maintaining muscle.
• Promotes a shiny, glossy coat!
• Combats itchy, flaky skin conditions.
• Boosts the immune system.
• Helps make and repair nerve cells.
• Improves the circulatory system.
• Facilitates healing from injury.

In our kitchens, we use a special extraction system that minimises light, heat and oxygen to make our oil the highest quality.

And, of course, the vitamin E in Puptastic Naturals comes from high-quality organic soybeans grown right here in the Midwest! We trust a farming family with over three generations of experience with our soy.

5 Flavour Favourites.

Rhode Island White Chicken and Brown Rice Minis
Lean Turkey Feast Bites
Gourmet Suffolk Lamb Crunchies
Liver and Potato Superfood Snacks
Prime Aberdeen Angus Beef Sticks

[Image of the Puptastic treats being fed to an alert springer spaniel, clearly being trained.]

There’s No Better Way to Treat Your Dog!

• All our treats are free from artificial colours, flavours, and chemical preservatives. Vitamin E is a natural preservative and does the job just fine!
• Our treats are only three calories per treat. Which is lucky, because your dog’s gonna love ‘em!
• Perforated for smaller mouths- ideal for puppies or smaller dogs.
• “Puppy tummy” friendly- and full user guidelines are included with every pack.
• Puptastic Naturals can give your dog a tasty energy burst on a long day out.
• No strong smell-your house will be odour free!
• Re-sealable packet keeps them fresh and chewy.
• They’re kind to your dog’s tummy- No bloating.
• They’re kind to you- No bad breath or flatulence!

[Sidebar, aligned right:
“Bentley just goes bonkers for your lamb treats! He’s just a young guy, and we’ve been using your treats to train him on his good manners. It’s such a comfort to know I’m giving Bentley a healthy treat every time he sits patiently or comes when called. I think your Puptastic Naturals are fantastic! ☺”
— J. Jefferson]
The Highest Quality as Standard.

Puptastic Naturals will arrive in perfect condition-they’re chewy so they won’t break. But, don’t worry, they’re not too tough for delicate jaws.

The perforations mean you can snap them in half! Perfect for smaller treats. Or longer training sessions!

We care as much about the environment as you do. Your treats-in fact our whole range- use minimal, recyclable packaging. And because everything is sourced locally, our treats have a low carbon footprint. We’ll send your treats in well-filled bags with no unnecessary plastic. Some people might not care about this, but we think you might!

Our treats are made from the highest quality ingredients, locally sourced, are healthy and tasty! Which delicious flavour will YOUR dog prefer? You can order right now… Or, you can check out a few little extras we’d added and are pretty excited about…

We Want to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Puptastic Naturals.

For January ONLY, we’re giving away a FREE Bonus Training Report with each 32oz order of Puptastic Naturals!

You will get a FREE bonus report to help train your puppy- or your dog- and bring out the best in them. Everyone will see how intelligent and special they are.

For puppies- there’s a strong emphasis on the basics. But training doesn’t need to stop there! Dogs are intelligent and love solving problems-and pleasing you. Whatever the breed. This report features a series of more challenging commands and skills for the older dog. Or the very clever puppy.

Your dog’s loyal, loving and always there for you, and you love giving her treats! Now you can do it and look after her health. We guarantee no chemical preservatives. No “meat derivatives.” No artificial colours or flavours. Nothing mass produced. And, at three calories a treat, (or 1.5 if you use the handy perforation) you can treat your dog and be guilt-free into the bargain!

Puptastic Naturals treats are designed for your dog’s gut and digestive system with “human quality” food ingredients all sourced locally in the Midwest. No other dog treat can make such a promise. We have known all our farmers for almost 30 years and consider them friends- part of the extended Furry Friends family. We’re proud of our award-winning standards and award-winning products.

Image of a farming couple looking healthy and happy, farm in background, smiling. Text underneath:
Aberdeen Angus Farmers Toby and Sherrie Harrison have supplied us with prime beef for almost 30 years. They’re USDA Organic Certified, and have been ever since we’ve known them.]

For dog lovers, there’s no better way to “treat” your dog! So, seeing as they aren’t available in every shop, where can you can get these treats from and how soon you can get them?
Well, ordering Puptastic Naturals is easy. But, first, we want to talk about a very special type of dog.

Do You Have a City Dog?

Most people live in cities these days, and more and more dogs live with them. Busy roads and crowded pavements mean it’s even more important your dog’s well-trained and can be trusted. It’s here Puptastic Naturals come into their own. And we’re thrilled to be able to offer a very special set of gifts-

If you order before 14th January, you will get a second FREE eBook- Dog on the Fifth Floor! It’s written by one of our closest neighbours and owner of Paws on Parade Dog Training School, Mary-Beth Hilton. She covers some of the least talked about problems common to many dog owners. Do you have an indoor dog? Does your dog spend the days alone while you’re at work? In this day and age, it’s unavoidable. But still not ideal- for you or your dog. What can you do about it?

Urban living and having a full-time job can mean your beloved dog doesn’t get out as much as they’d like. Even for smaller breeds who don’t need as much exercise.

“Even if your dog doesn’t leave your apartment very often, she still needs to be trained. In fact, it’s even more important,” says Mary-Beth. “She will need to come when called, get off the furniture on command, stop barking when you have a visitor or if the neighbours are making a noise. How do you train a dog to “come” in a limited space when she’s never far away? How do you make sure she knows all the commands for when she’s out on walkies? Or if you have a fire-alarm and she needs to be safe and know not to panic?”

In this wonderful eBook, there’s step-by-step advice on what your dog needs to know. Clear guidance on how to structure your training sessions. And the best activities to keep your dog occupied and happy when you’re away.

And, if you order before 14th January, you can choose one of two fantastic Dog Activities to accompany your eBook.

You can choose a high quality and durable Snuffle Mat. It’s ideal for those dogs who love to seek out new smells- like terriers, beagles and bassets. This mat is made of soft, natural, organic materials. Ideal to engage your dog’s sense of smell and give a useful outlet for their natural foraging instinct. This gift FREE to our customers usually retails at £15.99.
[Image of Snuffle Mat with French bulldog aligned right alongside the text.]

Your other choice is a Tricky Paws Mystery Block, made from sturdy, recycled plastic. This is ideal for those dogs who love to solve puzzles, like the German Shepherd, poodle, and papillon! They can chew, scratch and roll this block to their heart’s content to get the treats hidden somewhere inside! Bought separately, this costs £15.99.
[Image of Tricky Paws Mystery Block with collie playing with it, aligned right alongside the text.]

Order Now!

Buy one box of ANY Puptastic Naturals treats at £16.99 per 32oz box and choose one of our Trial Samplers- including ALL 5 FLAVOURS absolutely free! Each Sampler comes with five separate bags, so each taste keeps its own unique flavour.

Retailing at £20, you get it FREE when you order ANY Puptastic Naturals treats!

Don’t forget; you’ll also receive your

• FREE Bonus Training Report!
• eBook Dog on the Fifth Floor: by dog trainer Mary-Beth Hilton
• Either the Snuffle Mat or Tricky Paws Mystery Block, each worth £15.99!

All FREE with your choice of 32oz Puptastic Natural treats!

• Made from 100% fresh, local ingredients.
• Lovingly made in a “human standard” kitchen.
• All ingredients exceed the FDA standards.
• AAFCO inspected and approved meat and fish.
• Promotes a shiny, glossy coat!
• Made from 100% fresh, local ingredients.
• Encourages training to help keep your dog safe.
• Uses the purest Vitamin E oil to combat itchy, flaky skin.
• Three calories per treat- guilt free!
• Gentle on even a puppy’s tummy.
• No strong odour.
• No bloating.
• No flatulence.
• No artificial preservatives, flavours or colours!
• Low carbon footprint.
• Low packaging.
• Perforated -easily breaks in half for little jaws!
• Corn-free.
• No “meat derivatives.”
• Exclusive- not mass produced.

You now have the best, healthiest treats around! Puptastic Naturals help your dog look and feel their best. A glossy coat, no bad breath, and perfect manners! All our treats are organic. They are full of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for a balanced diet. You can be proud of your beautiful, obedient dog, full of Midwest goodness!


Carl and Lauren Barnes
Founders of Furry Friends Natural Products


We LOVE hearing from our Puptastic Friends!
You’ll receive a special code with each of your orders. This code will allow you to log into our Exclusive Furry Friends Social Club!

Enter photos of your dog having fun with your Puptastic Naturals treats into our Pup of the Month contest. The winner will go in our Hall of Fame Gallery and receive a Puptastic Pamper Hamper worth £75!

Once we receive your Puptastic Order, we’ll send you a link to sign up for the Furry Friends Social Club. You create a profile for your dog and choose a secure password. With your account set up, you can ask questions from other members and the Puptastic Team. In addition, you’ll receive a special code with each of your orders. You can use this code to enter your dog into a Pup of the Month contest! Each code is valid for one contest entry only.

Your Puptastic Naturals treats will form an intricate part of your indoor doggy-training sessions. We love to hear about your successes. So please, send in your best training successes (and fails!) for a chance to win our monthly Puptastic Pamper Hamper! Your profile lasts as long as you want and can become a beautiful interactive album of your dog’s life.

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Rhode Island White Chicken and Brown Rice Minis
Lean Turkey Feast Bites
Gourmet Suffolk Lamb Crunchies
Liver and Potato Superfood Snacks
Prime Aberdeen Angus Beef Sticks

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Snuffle Mat (worth £15.99)
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100% No Risk Guarantee
I understand if I am not completely satisfied with my Puptastic Naturals, I have 30 days to cancel and receive a full refund.
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To order by phone, or if you have any questions, call our free-phone number: 01524 555222.
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If your dog doesn’t like Puptastic Naturals (some dogs can be VERY picky!) or you aren’t satisfied in any way, cancel within 30 days and don’t pay a penny. You will need to return the uneaten treats in their original packaging.
You also get to keep the Bonus Training Report as our gift.
You also get to keep your eBook Dog on the Fifth Floor by Mary-Beth Hilton, and your choice of Dog Training Activity – either the Snuffle Mat or Tricky Paws Mystery Block.

Remember: We have a dedicated Customer Service Team who are available to answer your questions 9am-6pm Monday – Friday. Just call our free-phone number: 01524 555222.