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Experts Say There is One Skill Our Kids Must Learn To Thrive… But Most Never Do.

Dear Concerned Parent,

Every parent wants to give their child the best start in life and prepare them for the future. What could be more natural? The only problem is… most of us can’t even guess half of what our kids will face in the future. How could we?

And yet, we do know certain skills help our kids… From healthy eating to working hard and being good to others.

But, there is another skill. One rarely mentioned, but one we all need to use daily. Some manage better than others. The wealthy more than the rest. Without it, our children are condemned to a life of struggle, stress and under-achievement.

Incredibly, it isn’t in the National Curriculum. Sheffield Hallam University discovered only 6% of teachers feel confident even attempting to teach it at Key Stage 2!

Studies [link to main sales letter]show it’s too late to start learning these skills at 17 when almost half of young people are already struggling and set in their ways.

Moving out isn’t a great time to learn it, either. Trial and error in the real world are an expensive and distressing way to find out you can’t cope on your own.

The best age is at around 10… when kids are being trusted to make some of their own decisions.

But, just like eating their vegetables, it’s not always easy to get kids to do what’s good for them. You have to make it fun and engaging as well. That takes time and planning. And if YOU don’t possess these skills (and if over one-third of UK adults don’t, chances are YOU don’t, either) how are you going to ensure they learn these life-changing skills?

 [3 images side-by-side 1. image of a 10-year old girl with a clipboard looking happy and efficient. 2. Image of two boys at a table, pouring over a tablet. 3. Child handing over money in a shop with a big smile.] [The images are a link to the main sales letter.]

One mother of 3 found herself uniquely placed to do just that, and some of the biggest institutions in the UK are endorsing her.

Click Here[link]to find out how to get your child the BEST head start in life!

Kind regards,

Heather Mappley

(relieved and grateful mother of two thriving boys!)

Main Sales Letter: URL:  https:www.budget-brainiacs.com/money-skills-for-kids

The £58,540 You DON’T Want Your Child to Have…

The “Nest Egg” That Guarantees Your Child Will Spend Their Golden Years In Poverty.

Dear Parent,

You won’t believe the conversation I’m listening to.

“It’s just silly,” Lucy is saying. She’s eleven, with a big, wide smile and lots of red curls.

Her mum, Sandy, is sitting on the sofa opposite me. She presses her hands together and smiles, a smile just like her daughter’s. “I never thought I’d hear her say things like that.”

Sandy and her husband, Chris, are good people. They want the best for their daughter.

“When she turned ten, we got her a bank account and £500. I did a lot of overtime for that money,” says Chris. He’s a big man with a gruff voice. Even though he regrets his decision, his eyes light up because he’s talking about Lucy.  “I don’t know what we expected her to do, but she spent the lot. Sweets, chocolates, some toys, and these roller blades she wanted because her best friend had some.”

“All my money was gone,” Lucy remembers, “I was so stupid. I acted like a little kid.”

[Sidebar aligned right: Picture of a smiling child. Under, the text: A study by Dr Jessica Inkpen of Nottingham University finds children who understand money feel more confident using it, and more confident about themselves in ALL area as a result. Interestingly, they did not necessarily have MORE money, but they knew how to handle what they had. Money-confident kids feel better about their decisions and better about themselves! What a GREAT bonus!]

Lucy clearly thinks she is much more grown up now, and Sandy can’t help but agree.

“But we were stupid, too,”she says, “we gave her all that money. But we’d never talked to her about spending, saving, budgeting. She was so upset when all her money was gone, and I felt responsible. It was a horrible feeling.”

It’s a feeling most parents have – a nasty feeling you aren’t doing enough to prepare your child for the future.

“I work in customer service, Chris is in haulage. What did we know about teaching her money skills? I don’t know much myself- we just sort of get by and hope, but we didn’t want that for her.”

So, what about that £58,540 I mentioned earlier? That’s the average household debt in the UK (The Money Charity, June 2018). Put a big minus sign in front of it and imagine it tried round your child’s neck, possibly for life.


 It’s not a pretty picture.

But, luckily for you, I can show you how to ensure your child’s financial future.

Get your Kids Money-Ready. They’ll leave the nest fully prepared – thanks to you and Mrs Parker!

Let me introduce you your new best friend – Mary Parker.

“I see people every day in so much trouble with money – debts, repayments, mortgages… so scared about the future. People are in real trouble, and all saying things like, “I’ve never been good with money”, or “I messed everything up – I’ll never be able to buy a house now, I’ll be in debt forever.”

A Financial Executive as well as a mother of three boys, Mary knows her stuff. She’s got more than twenty years in the business. Two-thirds of adults in the UK have trouble making good decisions about spending their money – from getting a mobile phone contract to searching for the best mortgage deal. In fact, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the UK has one of the LOWEST levels of adult literacy in the industrialised world.

[aligned right – picture of Mary Parker, smiling. Behind, the Budget Brainiac logo.]

A pretty shocking statistic, but it’s backed up by the Moser report on Improving Literacy and Numeracy, which tells us up to 50% of adults in the UK don’t understand how to use money properly.

“To be honest, at first, I just thought these people hadn’t paid attention in school,” continues Mary, “but when my eldest boy started secondary school, I realised he never mentioned money management, either.

“I looked into it and found 80% of schools have NO money management lessons for Key Stage 1, 2, or 3. Online, there is some stuff for very young children, and then more for university-aged students, but nothing in-between. And that’s the age kids start getting more pocket money or even a generous allowance, so it’s the perfect time to teach real money skills.”

[Image centred: Chart #1: Text: Sheffield Hallam University Centre for Education and Inclusion Research PSHE education: A mapping study of the prevalent models of delivery and their effectiveness. Department for Education. January 2011.]

“Parents have to teach their kids a lot, but they can’t all be experts on money. Who wants to risk teaching them wrong? And who has the time to organise fun lessons about budgeting?”

[Sidebar aligned right: “My local mummy group has done a lot of research to find programs that teach our kids about money. We needed something for tweens, which was very hard to find. Then we came across Budget Brainiacs, and all I can say is HOORAY! Each of us enrolled in the Club, and our kids love earning points for stuff they really want… while also learning how to budget for things and avoid debt. Thank you!!!!” — J. Sanders]

“Make It fun, And Kids will Want to Learn!”

Budget Brainiacs teaches kids all about money. Everything from simply saving up your loose change in a piggy bank to real-life budgeting problems. They learn about saving, budgeting, and giving. In fact, they’ll learn how to be a real winner with money! 

Budget Brainiacs is the ONLY online wealth management system for older children endorsed by some of the biggest financial institutions worldwide. Even better, it’s fun, engaging, and your child can work at their own pace.

As they work through the different levels, they learn about how to save for big purchases, like a new coat, or trainers, even driving lessons and a new car when they pass the test! It’s chock-full of practical, smart and fun activities… Getting the best deal on a mortgage… How repayments work… And even about the stock market and how to work out compound interest!

This makes it different from other online programs- it teaches all aspects of making money in realistic, true-to-life scenarios. It goes way beyond the basics of saving or spending pocket money. And it’s not about space-age teens fighting the futuristic mafia on a budget! Yes, it’s just as fun, but, more importantly, it deals with the financial decisions your child will make every time they get money- from a weekly allowance to their first salary.

We all want what is best for our kids. We all want them to be safe. We all want them to make good decisions. And Budget Brainiacs prepares them for a rock-solid financial future, and, the best bit is, kids, LOVE it!

“It’s so much fun!” say’s Lucy. “I love the money games, like the one with the grumpy shopkeeper! I used to lose every time, but now I always win.”

[Add image of siblings sitting around a table smiling and looking at a tablet. Pens, calculator and graph paper litter the table, aligned right.]

Accessing the program is easy. Each child has their own secure log-on which takes them to their personalised account. You can check their progress here, too. They work through the classes, activities and games in their own time, winning trophies for their online Awards Cabinet. 

There are plenty of quizzes so you can see how they’re doing, and they can revisit any subject they want, as often as they like. Each time they pass a level, they get a certificate which is stored on their Progress Page. You can also print out the certificate to show off their progress!

[Full-screen image of the certificates, online Awards Cabinet, and the Progress Page dashboard, aligned right.]

As your child works through the program, they collect points, which they can spend in the REAL online shop.

“It actually has things she likes,” says Sandy, “’like a glittery set of pencils and rubbers. When she hit level 3, she had enough points to get a purse. Right now, she’s saving her points for a cute little calculator with a unicorn on it. Not for herself, she wants to give it to Lauren for her birthday!”

[Image of shop product array]

Future-Proof Your Retirement!

Sandy shakes her head. “Her dad and I work hard at our jobs. We want to give her a good start in life, but we also want to have a nice retirement. We want her to be able to have nice things, but we don’t want to be bailing her out all the time. We couldn’t afford to.

“We have heard so many stories about kids just getting into debt before they’ve even started college, never mind by the time they start work… they need their parents to pay for everything for years. We want her to be independent, mostly for herself, but also, if I’m honest, we want to be able to spend some of our hard-earned money on nice things for us. Not on buying her a second-hand washing machine or paying her rent because she can’t make her money last the month.”

[Insert picture of a young woman holding up her new house keys, parents smiling behind. Aligned right.]

[Sidebar: aligned right.

“I home-school my children, and I’m always looking for ways to bring real-life lessons into my teaching. Your program is fantastic. Every day, my kids ask… when are we going to do Budget Brainiacs? They love the games, and they especially love earning points… They each opened a bank account, and now they understand how interest works. It’s such a relief.” — T. Bazell]

4.1 Million Brits in Financial Difficulties – Will Your Child Join Them?

It’s a shocking statistic to read, but according to the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux, this is the sad truth.  In fact, The Money Charity tells us people owed nearly £1.6 trillion at the end of June 2018.

Budget Brainiacs covers just some of the following:

  • Coin Counter – Mental Maths is a Vital Skill – Don’t Let Them Get Short-Changed!
  • Budget Basics – Brainiacs Learn What to do with Brian’s Birthday Money
  • Getting Your First Bank Account – Helping Your Kids Start Off Right
  • Stretching it Out! – Budgeting Challenges for Every Level
  • Saving for a Family Holiday – Your Child Learns to Strategize and Plan Ahead
  • Do I Buy Shoes or A Bike? – Teaches Your Child About Making Choices-And Sticking to Them
  • When It’s Gone, It’s Gone! Sioned Wants to Spend All Her Money – Help Her Out!
  • John’s Monthly Allowance Budget. Brainiacs Learn What to Do with Money from Chores and Part-Time Jobs
  • It’s on Sale! – Is A Sale Really A Deal? Budding Brainiacs Will Find Out!
  • Buying A Car – Doing Your Research
  • Is It Worth It? Unlocking the Secrets to Repayments
  • Getting A Loan – Here, Your Child Discovers the Pros and Cons of Loans
  • It’s Time to Buy a House! – Older Brainiacs Learn About Mortgages and More…
  • The Importance of Giving Back – Thoughtful People Give Money to The Less Fortunate
  • It’s a Long Way Off- They Learn How a Life of Sound Financial Decisions Can Help Them Retire Millionaires!

Getting your child up to speed with practical money skills couldn’t be easier. You just sign up to Budget Brainiacs for one year and pay a monthly subscription. Your child goes on whenever you want. And, because we’re feeling festive, until Christmas Day, we’re giving away a high-quality Doggy or Kitty Bank!

These unusual and robust gifts are split down the middle – one side for “saving”, and one for “spending” so they can get started putting their Budget Brainiac skills to practical use straight away. Teaching your child about money management has never been easier or more fun!

[Insert image of Doggy and Kitty banks, with happy children inserting loose change, aligned right]

“Lucy goes on for an hour after dinner,” says Sandy. “I get to catch up on some work, or do a few bits around the house, while she’s learning skills that’ll keep her safe for life.”

[Sidebar: aligned right. Dr Fay Mitchell, Educational Psychologist. Smiling portrait photo above the text: “Many parents shy away from teaching their children about money because they think it’ll be boring. Also, they might be embarrassed if they think they’ll need to explain they don’t have much money as other families. Budget Brainiacs cuts through that stigma because Budget Brainiacs is online. Parents can simply add budgeting into their child’s life as an extension of the program, not as a reflection of the family’s financial situation. If you want to prepare your child for the future, then get them on Budget Brainiacs a few times a week and see them flourish!”]

Lucy’s mum has noticed much more. “She’s just more mature,” she adds. “She understands when it’s gone, it’s gone! She doesn’t just plan how she spends her money, either. She plans how she’s going to spend her weekends, how she’s going to use her 3 hours of TV a week, and she’s becoming a real little negotiator when she wants something! There are no tantrums when she doesn’t get her way, either. No sulking, she just gets on with it.”

Jolina Godfrey of Financial Independence Today would back this up. Her research into a phenomenon called Delayed Gratification highlights how money management skills are the key to a successful life – read her Special Report: Mental Health and Money.  This information is SO important, we’re giving it away FREE with your Budget Brainiacs subscription.

Budget Brainiacs is Highly Recommended.

[Each organisation thumbnail logo aligned left of text.]

Nationwide Building Society: “We love seeing all the little Budget Brainiacs coming in to open their first bank account. This program cannot be praised enough.”

Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years: “Many schools are working on improving their personal finance studies. We applaud Mary for what she has done with Budget Brainiacs.”

AVIVA Insurance, Savings & Investments: “We were asked to review this program before it was released, we honestly couldn’t find an area of personal finance that wasn’t covered in a way children can relate to. We know, our staff beta-tested it on their own!”

Mastercard Financial Services: “We’re looking forward to these money-savvy kids entering the market and making great use of our financial services. We’re proud to give this program our stamp of approval.”

AXA Insurance: We’re going to be offering to part-pay for annual subscriptions for our staff so their children can get the benefit of this fantastic program.”

HSBC Bank: “Budget Brainiacs is the missing piece of the money puzzle for kids.”

Temple Henderson Financial Planners: “These kids are either going to work for us or do us out of our jobs!”

“Children aren’t Born with Money Skills, But Learning Them is Vital.”

Everyone agrees children need to know how to handle money – however much or little of it they have. Without basic money skills, they will just have to try and get by best they can, and most of us know how THAT works out…

Budget Brainiacs will help your child develop those important skills so they can start off on the right foot with money and work towards financial freedom – whatever their financial situation a birth!

They will also learn VITAL life skills through managing their money like delayed gratification and opportunity cost – what psychologists and financiers are calling the MOST important lessons successful adults learn as children! You’ll find out all about them in the FREE Mental Health and Money report.

The report also outlines how the wealthy teach THEIR kids about money. Astonishingly, you won’t NEED millions to teach these strategies to your children. You just need this report!

In a Nutshell Your Child Will:

  • Learn money management through online classes, videos, games, projects, activities and quizzes
  • Take challenges, earn certificates and trophies!
  • Earn points to spend in the Budget Brainiacs online store filled with financial-related products they’ll WANT to get!

Without realising, your child will also learn:

  • Strategising- To master money, your child will need to be able to plan ahead
  • Decision-Making- Your child will learn to make confident, well-informed decisions
  • Opportunity Cost -Learn all about this vital economic principle in Mental Health and Money
  • Delayed Gratification – Your Free Mental Health and Money report explains how this one skill can write your child’s winning ticket to life!
  • Increased Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence- Money-confidence has an overall effect on how positively people see themselves
  • Independence Skills- Prepare your kids for life, wherever it takes them!

[Sidebar: aligned right

“I’m a professional blogger-mum who gets about 30,000 hits a month… My readers are very enthusiastic about this club. Their kids are buzzing about the points they can earn for cool prizes… but also, they talk about how dumb it is to rack up debt and how you should plan for big expenses. These comments are coming from 13-year-olds! Wow! So glad you’re out there. Thank you.” — H. Walters]

You may or may not realise the extent of the problem. There is a ticking timebomb of financially illiterate people being unleashed on the UK workforce every day. A study by the Personal Finance Education Group reveals a whopping 98% of 11-17-year olds have their own money. BUT, as we know, very few are getting ANY sort of guidance on how to use it wisely.

Seems like the ingredients for a perfect storm of over-spending and debt to me… But it doesn’t have to be, you can protect your children from financial disaster and hardships.

Sharing your hard-earned money with your kids is great. And it’s great for them to be able to buy their own things and feel grown up. But, without guidance, how are they going to make responsible choices? What happens when you give them everything they ask for without teaching them where the money comes from? Can you blame them when they think money falls out of your pockets and just keep asking and asking and asking…? Budget Brainiacs teaches your child about the VALUE of money – less entitlement, more gratitude!

You might think childhood is all about having fun. Let them worry about money when they’re older, you might say. But the facts just don’t add up that way. Learning about money can be fun and rewarding- and IS with Budget Brainiacs. Learning about money when you’ve run out and still have bills to pay ISN’T. Teach them while it’s a game, and if they DO make a mistake, it’s in a safe environment, and the mistake doesn’t cost too much.

Don’t let their mistakes mean they have to choose between heating or food that month. Yes, it’s all gone a bit serious, but we passionately believe the gift of money management skills is the difference between the joy of financial freedom or a life of hard choices. We don’t want to see ANY child have to grow up and be faced with that. And we have worked hard to provide you with a program that will make learning these vital skills entertaining and exciting as well as practical.

In fact, your child learning about money is so important to us, we have a special deal if you order before 1st January 2019 – sign up for a 12-month subscription, but pay for only 11 months!

Make 2019 The Year For a Whole New Direction for Your Child!

At ONLY £29.99 per month per child, Budget Brainiacs is a fantastic way to help your child learn all about personal finance. And YOU get the peace of mind they are learning one of the least-taught and most important skills of their lives.

Remember, financial illiteracy is spreading like a plague across Great Britain. There is only one way to protect your child from this devastation- by ensuring they have the skills and confidence to handle money. The good news is there is a way, a fun and engaging way to help them… Even better: It doesn’t matter how much money they have when they are born, what matters is what they do with what they get!

They NEED to learn:

  • Mental maths- how to make simple calculations in their head- so they don’t get short-changed!
  • How to plan their budget-so they don’t overspend and get into debt.
  • What interest is and how to make it work for them.
  • How to read financial contracts- from mobile phones to mortgages- to ensure they get the best deal.
  • Do they need a loan? How to make the most of financial services.
  • When do they want to retire? How to build a nest-egg the elites will envy!

Remember, Budget Brainiacs is the ONLY online wealth management program for older children. It’s fun, realistic, and you can measure your child’s success every step of the way.

We’re so confident you and your child will benefit from this program, and because it’s so important you give it a shot, Budget Brainiacs comes with a 100% Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee. Try this program for 1 WHOLE month, and, if you’re not completely satisfied, simply cancel your subscription, and we refund every penny.

The Doggy and Kitty bank is yours to keep with our blessing, in case your child wants to keep on saving!


Jilly Bradford,

Chairperson, Budget Brainiacs.

P.S. If you’re wondering if Budget Brainiacs is worth it… or not… remember over 1.3 million people in the UK TODAY are using food banks. Many of them have jobs. Managing money is not a skill we are born with, and it’s not something kids will just “pick up.”

Just like reading and writing, they have to learn. And kids learn best when they’re engaged, and having fun. You might want to click here [link to video] to see what the Budget Brainiacs themselves are saying about how much they are learning and how much fun they’re having with us!

Let your kids learn how to win with money, and how to take on the wealthy with their financial skill-set! Remember, rightly or wrongly, money is such a huge part of our lives, and our ability to manage it has a huge impact on every other part of our lives. You will discover the importance of Mental Health and Money in our FREE report when you order!

One last thing… Order before Christmas and we will throw in 100 points PER SUBSCRIPTION and get your child off to a flying start. They’ll be so much nearer to buying their first well-earned purchase in the Budget Brainiac shop!

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Teach Your Child About Money and Protect Their Future.

Start Them on the Road to Success Today!

Yes! I love the idea of my child becoming a winner with money and having fun along the way! I don’t want them to learn about money through trial and error – those mistakes are too costly and could take them years to put right. I can’t wait to start my child on the path to financial freedom!

Please set me up for a 12-month subscription at £29.99 per month per subscription. However, because I am buying my Subscription before 1st January 2019, I will only pay for the first 11 months- the last month will be FREE!

I want the best for my child, so please don’t forget to send me my FREE Mental Health and Money Report.

If I am ordering before 25th December 2018, please don’t forget to send me 1 Doggy or Kitty Bank per subscription so the New Year can start a lifetime of money-saving habits.

Also, if am I ordering before 25th December, remember to throw in 100 points per subscription to help get my child off to a flying start with Budget Brainiacs.

100% No Risk Guarantee

I understand if I am not completely satisfied Budget Brainiacs is teaching my child money management skills, I have 30 days to cancel my subscription receive a full refund. If I do want to continue, the final month is Absolutely FREE!

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If Budget Brainiacs doesn’t teach your child valuable money-management skills, cancel within 30 days and don’t pay a penny. Your children will still get to keep their Doggy or Kitty bank! You also get to keep the FREE report: I want the best for my child, so please don’t forget to send me my FREE Mental Health and Money Report by Dr Jolina Godfrey, packed full of information on how to help your child grow into the best they can be!

Remember: We have a dedicated Customer Service Team who are available to answer your questions 9am-6pm Monday – Friday. Just call our free-phone number: 01524 555222.