Wordflow Mindfulness and Meditation

for serenity, resilience, and focus.


Take some time to nourish your inner self.
Take some time to nourish your inner self.


How often have you felt drained, anxious or impatient? We all live hectic, demanding, multi-tasking lives and that can take a heavy toll. Stress can have a negative impact on your health, happiness, and relationships.


Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help. Learn the skills to cope with a busy life by developing your own internal resources. By attending weekly classes and cultivating a daily practice can increase your self-awareness and self-esteem, sharpen concentration skills, and help you become more present, so you can enjoy the wonderful life around you and help others do the same.


Mindfulness and Meditation.


Each session will include a short talk about the area of Mindfulness we practicing, guided meditation and breath work along with other techniques to help you:

*deepen your ability to relax,

*increase focus and concentration,

*boost self-confidence and promote self-trust

*meet others with similar hopes and aspirations

If you already meditate, I hope to give you the chance to explore your own practice and share your experience with others.

Although each class will be based around a key theme of mindfulness, each is self-contained. Please come to as many or a few as you like! You do not need to worry about feeling lost or out of your depth as I will guide you through each practice, you simply do what seems right for yourself within that time.

golden buddha hand
Mindfulness and meditation is for everyone.

Meditation has been practiced throughout every culture for generations to cultivate strong, calm, vital individuals. Why not join them?