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Basketball Yoga Blast

Budget Brainiacs

Mindfulness: Hourglass Meditation Script

Mindfulness Handout

The Fortune Star

  • I have over 8 years of writing and reviewing experience.
  • I am an AWAI Trained Copywriter.
  • My BA Honours in Social Sciences with Psychology gives me an in-depth knowledge of how to tap into your client’s wants and needs, as well as an understanding of the human condition.
  • My NCC Diploma in Proofreading ensures you get error-free copy.
  • Having lived in Thailand, Cambodia, India, Germany and New Zealand (and the UK, of course!), I have hands-on experience of the ins and outs of travelling, living and learning in very different cultures.
  • I am both a qualified Professional Mindfulness Practitioner and have a Diploma in Meditation Teaching. There isn’t much in the area of self-help and personal healing I haven’t studied!