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I’m a copywriter and content writer. What do they mean and how can I help?

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A good copywriter and content writer can both help large and small businesses to grow their market base and increase profits.

Work with Passion.

I just love writing. It’s my absolute passion. Finding the perfect words to help you engage with your customers, potential customers and clients, no matter your business.

Words are powerful.

There’s a reason magic is linked to incantations and prayers are sung or chanted. Words bring us closer to our goal.

Through them we explain, comfort, persuade and share.

But being a good copywriter isn’t just about writing, it’s about listening. Before you can speak to your customer, first you have to listen.

That’s why I focus on research and communication driven techniques and really get to know you and your customer on a deep level before I put pen to paper – or fingertips to keyboard!

I do the research and writing, saving you time.

I do the research and writing, saving you time

Copywriting – How Does It Work?

Let’s say you sell . . . package holidays.


Sun, sea, sand and the like. You know it’s good, great value for money and your clients come away feeling refreshed, energised and full of vitamin D.

But, you want to tell more people. You want to show people all over the world how special your holiday is. You want more people to go on your holidays. You want more sales. It’s time to generate the desire to buy now.

Time to get ahead of the competition. But you don’t have the time write your own copy to sell your products. Or the time to learn how to write compelling sales letters, web pages, brochures or emails.

You’re more valuable in your area of expertise, running your business.

That’s where I come in. You tell me all about your company, what you are selling. And who you want to sell to. I go away and do some research and writing. And when I return, you have what you need to get your word out there. Getting people to read about your product or service and showcasing all the reasons they need to buy now. THAT’S copywriting.

content and copywriter for digital and print marketing

With so many destinations, you need to stand out

Do you want to see people gain confidence and achieve their potential?

Or let’s say you work for a holistic health company.

You’re passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. Gain confidence. Or adopt a healthier lifestyle.

You don’t want to sell anything right now. But, as you know, you always have to plan ahead. So, you want to raise awareness and generate interest in what you do offer. A solid blog would help, so would case studies, a consistent social media presence, articles, newsletters and strong web copy. That way, if someone needs help in the future, they will think of you and your business.

If this sounds like you, you’re looking for a content writer like me who can engage potential customers and keep them interested in your business or service. You may not know exactly how to write structured, clear copy and want to hire someone who can produce high-quality content for you. Someone who has the time to give returning and potential clients information and guidance while you plan your next seminar, book, or course.

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