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Fitness and vitality don’t have to stop or drop when you hit 45.

If you love basketball and want to be in the best shape of your life…

NBA and WNBA stars will show you how inside!

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Weight (lbs)















Total Weight Lost:

36 lbs in 6 Months!

Mary’s Story.

I’m so proud of myself! Just take a look at that chart…36lbs in 6 months! The weight loss was fast, healthy, and so much fun to do! And it’s stayed off!

I’m 5’4”, so ANY extra weight shows pretty quickly. When I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I could lose it just as quick with a month or so of healthy eating and a bit of exercise. Once I hit 40, though, everything changed. The weight sort of crept up on me, and before I knew it, I was borderline obese. I had to do something, and a friend told me about BYB. I loved the concept! And now I love Basketball Yoga Blast! It really fits into my schedule… I work up a sweat… I’m so toned… I feel fantastic! And, as an added bonus, my backache has gone! I really can’t recommend BYB enough to anyone who wants to lose weight and have fun!

Side 2: Full length before/after colour photo of Mary with ‘February 2018’ under the “before” shot and ‘August 2918’ under the “after” shot.

Main Sales Letter:


Stay Fit Past 45…

SUBHEAD: See Yourself Slimmer, Fitter, and More Exceptional in Just 30 Minutes a Day!

Discover the ONLY Fitness Programme Designed by NBA and WNBA Stars!

<insert image of happy, smiling middle-age men/women group here, full width of page>


How would you feel if I could introduce you to a complete fitness solution that not only takes care of your cardio but could stave off the aches and pains and other health grumbles of passing 40?

One that took you to another level of mental strength?

Helped you take back control in every area of your life?

Costing you ONLY 30 minutes a day?

SUBHEAD: Don’t Slow Down As You Get Older… Give Us 30 Minutes a Day and Get Health-Control!


Imagine having the energy of your twenties. Keeping up with the up-and-comers in your company with the added value of all the wisdom and experience they could never hope to have? What would it feel like to come home from work and want to play with the kids or socialise with friends? And, after everyone else has gone to bed, how amazing would it be to have yet more energy for some quality time with your significant other?

<insert image of a powerful-looking businessman with younger team here, aligned right>

People will tell you it’s no fun getting old, but here at FitR, we think this idea is old news, and the new middle-age is all about someone who’s getting into their prime. Who needs all those aches and pains that stop you from doing what you want? The back twinges, the stiffness, the lack of energy that have come from any number of years working hard? Growing older should be fun! Let other people get stiff and sore, suffer the aches and twinges, you know looking after yourself is important, and we hope we have found the perfect way to help.

Experts are saying that 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days is all you need to maintain your health. Just eight weeks of increased aerobic exercise increases local blood flow by 15%. This means you’ll feel fitter, have more energy, have clearer skin, sleep better…

SUBHEAD: “I Wanted to Create Something Amazing Anyone Could Benefit From.”

A few years ago, two of basketball’s fastest rising stars found themselves really wanting to give something back. When they realised they were thinking the same thing, James Jackson and Lauren Parker got together and started to put over 20 years of basketball experience into a fun, high energy exercise blast!

<Insert picture of Jackson and Lauren text here, image aligned right>

“We wanted to create something really accessible,” says Lauren. “We know there are so many people all over the world who love basketball as much as we do, but don’t have the time to play as much as they want, maybe never have. So, we wanted to make sure people of all abilities could benefit and not feel it was too easy and get bored, or too hard and not have a chance to get into it.”

This is why they put together a series of fitness DVDs with SIX LEVELS of basketball drills for you. Each session includes a warm-up, footwork, defensive, and offensive drills, all designed by Jackson and Lauren. The same drills they do day in, day out, to be the best, but tailored to YOUR level, whether you are just starting out, or need something to give you that edge on the court with your friends or local league.

<insert image of Jackson dribbling up court towards camera here, aligned right>

SUBHEAD: Your Answer to Complete Health and Vitality.

As you know, basketball is a high-intensity game that burns a lot of calories, more than other weight-bearing exercises. The following list isn’t exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of the many, many benefits of a regular basketball routine:

<insert image of a basketball game with middle-aged men here, text aligned left, image aligned right for the length of the bullets>


High cardio sport helps keep your heart healthy.

Burn off extra pounds jumping, dodging, dribbling, and shooting.

Reap the cognitive benefits of quick thinking and strategising.

Become more aware of your body, its space and positioning, become more self-assured and graceful as a result.

Learn to cope and react under pressure— don’t freeze up and panic!


Enjoy the benefits of increased motor skills and coordination— dexterity, poise, self-confidence all come with trusting your body.

Exercise is shown to improve self-esteem— BYB helps because you are constantly succeeding with our personalised programme.

High-intensity exercise is a fantastic stress-management system!

Regular cardio and endurance exercise improves your sleep, leaving you fighting fit and full of energy.

Following a regular programme like the BYB system helps you set goals, achieve them and stay motivated— traits that carry over into every area of your life and bring endless improvements!

And, because Jackson and Lauren have taken these drills from the very practices they do EVERY DAY, this part of the programme will have real application for your game. So, if you’re not just looking to improve your overall health and fitness, but to shine on the court, these drills are invaluable. The drills instil confidence in your fundamental technique and give you real transferable skills that’ll come into their own, every game you play. You’ll have a tool to help you become consistent in your execution, making you a more reliable and valuable player on any team.

<Testimonial in Johnson Box, aligned right>

“As Head Coach of Amateur Basketball Clubs of America, I work with many players who have day jobs and busy lives, but also want to pursue their passion for the game of basketball… People who stay involved in athletics are usually better disciplined, better focused and healthier overall… After trying BYB with my teams, the results have been amazing!”

— J. Cunningham <end of Johnson box>

That alone is an impressive fitness package, the personal tuition of basketball’s finest, but man does not thrive by cardio alone. If you’ve spent the last twenty-odd years sitting at a desk, you’ll already know that. Did you know most people sit between six and 13 hours a day? We sit in the car, we sit at work, we sit at home, and squeeze in those precious times when we can stretch out and move. And we all know sitting all day can make everything ache, but there’s a way to fix it—fast!

Because, although it seems like all this is already enough to make BYB part of your healthy lifestyle, there’s more. Power and strength and self-confidence are beyond price, but…

What if you could fast-track to a lean, flexible body? What if you could reap the benefits of instant calm and focus?

SUBHEAD: The Path to Self-Improvement is Paved with Asanas.

Yes, I’m talking about yoga. If you’re rolling your eyes, stay with me a few more minutes. Yoga bodies are some of the most desired in the world. Long, lean limbs. Strong, tight core. Grace and mystery in every move— like a panther. Imagine the power and definition of Jackson or Lauren, with the lean strength of Kyle Laven.

Kyle Laven?

<insert image of Kyle Laven in Full Moon Pose here>

Kyle is one of the hottest yogis in LA. His style is so soothing and gentle you barely notice he is taking your whole body and mind and blasting them into the stratosphere!

“If you want that edge back, regain that control, do yoga,” he says. “If you want a young, powerful mind and a body to match, nothing beats yoga.”

“I can’t get enough,” Lauren grins. “It’s a great way to stay on top of my game. I feel lighter on my feet, I’m more focused on every aspect of my life. Basketball, being a mom, everything gets my attention.”

< Research in Johnson Box, aligned right> In 2007 Kyeongra Yang of the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing wrote a journal article on the use of yoga to reduce obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high glucose levels—major risk factors for illnesses including stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Kang found that a regular yoga practice lowers body weight, glucose levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, and stress levels. Yoga promotes physical activity, a healthy diet, better mood, and higher quality of life. <end of Johnson box>

Jackson is quick to agree. “After every injury, I did physio, you know, powerful stretches to help heal my body and get me back out there quicker. But, it took years for that to sink in— why not just do powerful stretches every day?”

<insert image of Kyle helping Lauren in Warrior Pose here>

Yoga is the second secret to this powerful DVD series. And, like the basketball drills, you have SIX LEVELS of workouts. It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your knees, never mind your toes, or if you can get your foot behind your head, Kyle has designed a workout for you. Each session finishes with a 5-minute meditation so you can take the power, clarity and enjoyment of the whole 30 minutes into the rest of your day!

Wouldn’t you like to learn a pose that attacks cellulite, increases circulation and targets hips, thighs and butt?

Fight high blood pressure with a powerful series of inversions and forward bends?

Control your weight through a powerful move to stimulate your thyroid?

Learn a simple pose guaranteed to trim inches from your waistline?

Do this fun asana for intensive firming of your abdomen and thighs?

Take back the strength and flexibility of your back and spine?

“Take your time, have fun, work with your body,” is his advice. “If you’re having a lower-octane day, drop a level or two. It’s not about ability, it’s about you taking control over your own health and fitness and deciding what feels right for you.”

With BYB— or Basketball Yoga Blast— it’s easy and fun to learn the secret of calmness and confidence, and how to live in a flow of graceful, powerful movement.

<insert image of yoga class here>

Dr Francis Atkins, a physiotherapist who has worked with basketball players, cyclists, swimmers and wrestlers, says she regularly recommends yoga as a daily activity. “It makes the body more resilient to injury. A flexible body is a body that can take a few more hits. Think of a sapling and an iron pole, which will bounce back into shape after an impact? You want to be like the sapling, believe me, especially as you leave those 20’s and 30’s behind.”

< Info in Johnson Box, aligned left> Jordan derived sheer joy from playing and was so obsessed with winning that he constantly pushed himself to work harder in practice than anyone else.

Success Secret: Jordan was not only regarded as the greatest player of all time, but he was also regarded as the greatest practice player of all time. <end of Johnson box>

SUBHEAD: Basketball Yoga Blast Covers All Your Health Bases.

We believe BYB is the most comprehensive fitness product out there, and it’s the ONLY ONE designed by a trio of top athletes from the NBA, WNBA, and the world of Yoga! To help you make the most of this extraordinary collaboration, Basketball Yoga Blast comes with a 20-week programme. You can follow the basic course, which takes you from BYB Beginner to BYB Pro in 20 weeks, or you can download a blank 20-week template and make up your own programme. You’ll never be bored, never feel like you’re just going through the motions. You can push yourself harder on the lower levels, and work up just as much of a sweat as blasting through Level 6 in both parts! That’s the beauty of this programme; you are in total control. You focus on whatever skills are best for you. Planning your healthy lifestyle is easy with BYB. And all in JUST 30 minutes of fun!

< Endorsement in Johnson Box, aligned right> Basketball provides an excellent full-body workout and can help develop useful lean muscle. Any programme that uses basketball as a basis for fitness is going to have a positive effect on the whole body. — Dr Albert Singh. <end of Johnson box>

<insert portrait image of Dr Singh smiling here alongside text>

A regular fitness programme increases your energy, boosts your immune system, fights depression, increases your brain power, and generally lifts your whole quality of life to a new level. The basketball drills take care of your cardio, balance and endurance and the yoga gets you toned, lean and energised, so your health and vitality needn’t slip away. You can do something about it NOW.

The research is clear- all the major diseases associated with ageing can be successfully treated or improved with exercise. Aerobic conditioning can even be used to PREVENT Type 2 Diabetes for those at risk. BYB gives you a portion-controlled blast of cardio that builds up your muscle endurance, allowing you to stave off the weakness that so often plagues those heading towards their 50s.

It’s virtually impossible to fail with BYB because you choose your own pace and set your own level. It’s like becoming your own personal trainer, and having great teammates at the same time! Together, we can fight heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, inflammation of the joints, and burn off as many as 300 calories a time!

SUBHEAD: See a Better, Fitter, More Active Future for Yourself.

Imagine the boost it would give your career if you had the aura of being calm under pressure yet were the quick-thinking type? Coupled with a light, confident step and the powerful grace of a trained athlete? How would your family view you if you were always fair, never explosive, constantly reaching new heights of self-improvement? With admiration? You know it! I bet your children would trust your judgment more if you were firm and approachable, never flying off the handle or over-reacting because you’d had a stressful day at the office. I bet many people would wonder what made that calm, sexy, slim woman tick, or what thoughts lay beneath that toned, muscled man in his prime?

<insert happy, casual couple here>

We believe that’s what Jackson, Lauren and Kyle have created with Basketball Yoga Blast. An all-encompassing suite of fitness workouts— completely under YOUR control. Completely tailored to YOUR needs and abilities. Why pay out for another gym subscription? With BYB, your body and mind are your gym. According to the experts, healthy adults need a moderate aerobic and endurance programme, five days a week. You could take a brisk walk, but basketball is so much more fun, and you have the added bonus that a yoga practice brings!

SUBHEAD: All You Need Are The DVDs, A Place To Play Them, And 30 Minutes A Day!

Well, you need a ball, too, right? That’s why, until the 30th November 2020, the BYB programme includes an NBA quality ball-so you get the best out of each workout, knowing you’re using the same kit as Lauren and Jackson use EVERY time they work out.

And you’ll need a mat, as well. To keep your hands and feet from slipping during those asana workouts Kyle has lined up for you. So, in this special BYB Box Set, we’ve included a high-quality mat, made from a special memory foam that cushions your feet and palms, relieving pressure points and stopping you from getting sore.

If you’re still not sure, take a look at the benefits of starting your own BYB programme TODAY:

The running, jumping, and quick lateral movements of basketball provide a SIGNIFICANT amount of aerobic exercise, helping ensure a healthy heart.

Basketball burns up to 930 calories PER HOUR, helping you shed the pounds, becoming leaner, sexier and fitter.

This programme ensures you are building cardiovascular endurance by keeping your heart rate up.

This means a healthy heart, reducing the risk of heart disease or stroke later in life.

Alongside this programme, you’ll get a FULL 12 MONTHS of Pep Talks—monthly newsletters with additional tips and advice about how to stay healthy.

<insert picture of a muscled man skipping above Johnson box text>

<Bonus in Johnson Box, aligned right> Success Secret: Basketball players use skipping ropes! Order now and get a Jump Rope Drill: Success Secret Bonus Report – FREE! Learn how to jump with smooth, fluid action, without tension, and land, balanced, on the balls of your feet with knees flexed. <end of Johnson box>

You’ll develop concentration through focussed drills, putting you leaps and bounds above all those with an attention span only good until the next flashing light or noisy gimmick.

Sticking with a sports programme develops self-discipline. How many people do you know who truly have what it takes?

Basketball increases bone strength. As your bone and muscle push and pull against each other, they get strong. Don’t have a fall that puts you out of action for months. Get strong and stay strong.

Train your hand-eye coordination with the free-throwing and jump shooting drills. Don’t fumble— on or off the court.

Develop your deltoids, traps, neck, lower back and core muscles with the powerful basketball sessions.

The Cow Face pose opens the hips and calms the mind.

Strengthen your core, shoulders and wrists with a properly executed plank pose.

Cat/Cow tilts can help with anxiety. If you don’t need that— teach a friend!

Open the backs of the legs and shoulders, release all tension in the head and neck, as well as improve blood flow in the entire body with one powerful asana.

Bulging belly a problem? You must have heard of the Down Dog pose!

Tone thighs with the Warrior series.

Combat the “office body” with one simple move.

Do this back stretch for strength and flexibility of your back and spine.

The Cobra helps remove all tension from the back and spine.

There are several poses included that fight an expanding waistline and promote weight loss— so you get that slim, toned body sooner than you think!

<insert image of Kyle in Down Dog>

SUBHEAD: A Fun Fitness Programme for Any Age.

And because BYB is fun, energising, and has so many combinations, your whole family can take part. Kids love the drills and really get the benefit from doing yoga in the fast-paced, electronic world they are growing up in. They’ll learn valuable coping skills for life and grow in self-confidence. You can help instil the habit of exercise in your kids, and all the sessions are fully modifiable. Month Two of your Pep Talk Series has a special section on helping your children get the most of your exercise programme and explains the value of yoga practice for youngsters growing up in this hectic world.

< Testimonial in Johnson Box, aligned right> “Being a single dad, I need to keep my energy level up to keep up with my 6 and 8-year-old sons… I’ve found that your program helps me to maintain the fitness and stamina levels I need to manage work, kids, and home… Basketball Yoga Blast makes it fun for all of us to play basketball and stay healthy… It’s all good!”

— T. Young <end of Johnson box>

<insert image of a happy family in joggers here>

Nothing puts a price on family time, and most of us are juggling time with our families and time in the office. Hitting 45 can put the breaks on your energy level, and it can seem like the younger players are overtaking and pushing ahead, but it doesn’t need to be that way. A regular exercise programme can help keep your energy levels up and those creative juices flowing.

SUBHEAD: The Ultimate Mind in The Ultimate Body.

< Testimonial in Johnson Box, aligned right> “I’ve seen many up-and-comers burn out before they made it even halfway up the corporate ladder… I’m not going to let stress and long hours take its toll on me and my family… My husband can’t believe I found a yoga-basketball workout! He’s even joining me in my Basketball Yoga Blast workouts, so we both have a new appreciation for both pursuits. Even better, doing these workouts together has energized us for … um… other pursuits.”

— H. Walters <end of Johnson box>

SUBHEAD: How Exactly Do We Help You Get There?

The reason we can say BYB is a complete system is because it comes with everything you need to get started and stay motivated. The BYB Box Set includes:

<insert box set image here>

6 DVDs- totalling 6 basketball workouts with Jackson and Lauren, and 6 yoga workouts with Kyle.

Yoga mat worth £29.99!

Yoga Mat Carry Case worth £28.99!

Meditation booklet

Healthy Body Guide

How to Use Guide

20-week workout calendar

20-week progress journal

Private Facebook Group (access with code only)— make friends and cheer each other on

Nutrition guide with a 10-day eating plan

Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique

Pep Talks: Monthly emails for the first whole year with tips, drills, postures and additional recipes.

All for ONLY £199.99!

And, until the 30th November 2018, an NBA Quality Ball worth £70.00!

And, as an additional bonus, we’re throwing in the Jump Rope Drill: Success Secret Bonus Report FREE!

SUBHEAD: The Complete Fitness Solution.

So, if you’re serious about improving your health and vitality and want to live a more active lifestyle, fighting off all the diseases and discomforts of ageing you see other succumb to… If you want health and fitness in both mind and body, Basketball Yoga Blast really is the complete fitness system you’ve been waiting for. With an almost endless combination of basketball drills and yoga workouts, you’ll always have a fun, challenging and life-enhancing programme at your fingertips. Remember, this is the ONLY fitness programme designed by NBA and WNBA players and the ONLY inter-disciplinary fitness collaboration with Kyle Laven on the market today!

That’s why we’re confident this is a complete fitness system. We’re beyond believing that fitness is just about you keeping your heart rate up— although that’s a big part of it. Basketball Yoga Blast takes into account your cardio, your flexibility, and your vitality, and delivers them to you in 30 minutes a day, in a 20-week programme we believe unrivalled in the health and fitness field. Everything you need to get going and stay motivated is included.

If this appeals to you, you’ll want your copy shipped out immediately, but before you jump right in, remember:

You’re going to pay a fraction of what you’d pay for the gym— and what gym has Jackson, Lauren and Kyle as teachers? Don’t pay messy monthly online subscriptions for low-quality streaming classes, pay once for high-quality classes that fit around YOU!

<insert image from BYB of Jackson teaching>

Protect your heart, strengthen your muscles, bones and joints, and help prevent future injuries.

Get the flexibility back in your body and glow from the inside!

Look and feel younger, more energised, and take back control of your health and vitality.

Shed the pounds and tone up!

And, guess what? To get you REALLY motivated, Jackson and Lauren have signed 100 of the NBA basketballs! If you are one of the first 100 people to buy Basketball Yoga Blast, one of those balls is yours— you can keep it as a treasure, work out every day with it, or give it as a gift to some lucky young fan in your family!

So, order now using the easy payment form below and start your amazing new journey of fun, fitness and vitality TODAY!

Although we’re sure you’re going to LOVE working out with Jackson, Lauren and Kyle, it’s important to know Basketball Yoga Blast comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee — no questions asked. Just return the BYB Box Set within 30 days for a full refund. But, please, keep the extras! That’s the NBA Quality Ball worth £70.00 and the Jump Rope Drill: Success Secret Bonus Report!

Here’s to a long and healthy life!

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Luke Sheeran

Managing Director, FitR Inc.


Take back control over your health and vitality with this RISK-FREE basketball-yoga exercise blast!

Invest in your future fitness and have fun at the same time… Fight off the aches and pains of ageing… Lose and keep off unwanted weight… Get results in just 30 minutes a day!

Commit to continued vitality and a fun, active lifestyle with Jackson, Lauren and Kyle today!

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You really can take back control of your health and vitality with Basketball Yoga Blast!

I’m ready to take the 20-week challenge and become fitter, slimmer, and have more energy!

<insert image of Jackson, Lauren and Kyle, casual, smiling>

Yes! Please rush me my risk-free Basketball Yoga Blast Box Set so I can get started immediately.

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If I order before 30th November 2018, I’ll receive my NBA Quality Ball worth £70.00 and Jump

Rope Drill: Success Secret Bonus Report.

And, should I be one of the first 100 people to buy Basketball Yoga Blast, please send me a basketball SIGNED by Jackson James or Lauren Parker!

100% Risk-Free Guarantee.

I understand that if I should not be completely satisfied, all I have to do is return the BYB Box Set to get a FULL refund within the first 30 days— no questions asked. I also get to keep all the extras (the NBA Quality Ball worth £70.00 and the Jump Rope Drill: Success Secret Bonus Report)!

Please complete the form below, tear off and send in the FREEPOST envelope included.

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Date ordered: dd/mm/yy

If BYB isn’t for you, you automatically get a 30-day money-back guarantee— no questions asked. Simply return the BYB Box Set within 30 days for your money back. And you get to keep all the extras!

Remember: We have a dedicated Customer Service Team who are available to answer your questions 9 am-6 pm Monday to Friday. Just call our free-phone number: 01524 555222.