Zig Ziglar “It’s Not What You’ve Got . . .”

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It’s not what you’ve got; it’s what you use that makes a difference. ~ Zig Ziglar Motivational quote from the master guru Zig Ziglar. I love his work. This shot of a lily was taken in Thailand. Learn more about how my content and copywriting services can help boost your business. Contact me for a […]

Word of the Week- Discover

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Discover   DNA Gravity Bacteria Electricity Penicillin What do these words all have in common? They are all great discoveries that have changed the course of mankind. They lead us on to bigger and better things in- Technology Health Well-Being Think of where we’d be if we didn’t have a handle on gravity yet. What […]

Word of the Week – Vibrant

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Vibrant Think about colour for a moment. There are three primary colours, plus black (the absorption of colour) and white (a mix of all primary colours). Think of all the shades and hues we can get from that. A brilliant kaleidoscope of shades from dazzling neon lights to shimmering fabrics. All of them vibrant. What […]

Country Fact File: England

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England Capital City: London Major Cities: Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool Language: English. There are also pockets of other languages like Cornish and strong dialects in places like Cumbria and Yorkshire and Northumberland that can sound very different to the English you’d learn at school. Population: 56 million Climate: Warm summers, cool winters. When to […]

A Daring Adventure?

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 “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ~ Helen Keller     A daring adventure? It doesn’t have to be a constant, wild ride. But do you stretch yourself and push your boundaries? Does your business offer exhilarating experiences?  Is your guesthouse near a stunning view or adventure experience? Learn more about […]