New Mindfulness and Meditation Resources added!

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Check out my Resources page. I’ve added some Mindfulness and Meditation flyers to help you on your journey to inner calm and control! Each handout has a breathing exercise, some information about the topic for the week, as well as some uplifting quotes and ideas for your own mindfulness and meditation practice.

You are welcome to print out and use, but if you do, please give me credit and help my business grow! The more I get noticed, the more I can devote time to mindfulness and meditation and design more handouts that help people.

New mindfulness and meditation resources available!
New mindfulness and meditation resources available!

If you would like me to design a handout for yourself or your own group, please do get in touch and let me know. Everything I design will be credited to myself, but I am more than happy to spread the peace and serenity that mindfulness and meditation gives.

These handouts can be used to help you cultivate your own practice, or introduce the idea of mindfulness and meditation to others. you can put them on a noticeboard at work or in the office, or stick one on your fridge to help you to remember to take a few moments each day to enjoy some peace and tranquility.

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