I am under construction-permanently

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Mindfulness and meditation is an ongoing process.
Mindfulness and meditation is an ongoing process.


With most things we do, we make noticeable¬†improvement. Everything, from learning to spell, learning to play an instrument, use Microsoft Office, speak another language… we get better. We start to master the basics and keep going. but with mindfulness, we never get to grade 6 or level 4. It will never be that once we have meditated for, say, 3 years, we will always be able to reach a certain level. Each day can seem worse than the last. This is where endurance, tenacity, and sheer bloodymindedness comes in. A higher aspiration of what we hope to gain can also keep us on track, although this can lead to grasping, disappointment, and despondency. Faith, which goes a little further and deeper than aspiration, also plays a major part in keeping us going. A prayer, mantra, or focus on a spiritual object, image or state can be the key to keeping on.

Whatever your motivation, remember that you are under construction either way. Whether you are adding more anxiety, irritability, or serenity and peace, you are constantly constructing your life. So why not take the time and make the effort to build a temple, rather than a lean-to shack?


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