Farewell Louise Hay, may your shine shine brightly.

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Louse Hay helped me through insomnia, through her books and affirmations. I was truly inspired by her personal story and mesmerised by what she achieved in the world. Her gentle spirit and kindness, as well as her energy and great joy at being alive really came through in every interview I saw of her. She helped so many people to learn to love themselves, even when they thought it was impossible.


Today is going to be a really, really good day- Louise Hay
Louise Hay passed on the 30th August 2017


I am sure that all her hard work during her lifetime will continue through those who follow in her footsteps and try and bring healing to each and every individual, and therefore humanity as a whole.

Take a leaf out of her book, live this life fully, be kind to others, show your family and friends how much you love them, and take a little time to show yourself some compassion, tell yourself just how fantastic you are!

Anyone who wishes to discover this wonderful lady can find her works at her own publishing house, http://www.louisehay.com/


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