I am under construction-permanently

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  With most things we do, we make noticeable¬†improvement. Everything, from learning to spell, learning to play an instrument, use Microsoft Office, speak another language… we get better. We start to master the basics and keep going. but with mindfulness, we never get to grade 6 or level 4. It will never be that once […]

New Mindfulness and Meditation Resources added!

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Check out my Resources page. I’ve added some Mindfulness and Meditation flyers to help you on your journey to inner calm and control! Each handout has a breathing exercise, some information about the topic for the week, as well as some uplifting quotes and ideas for your own mindfulness and meditation practice. You are welcome […]

Farewell Louise Hay, may your shine shine brightly.

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Louse Hay helped me through insomnia, through her books and affirmations. I was truly inspired by her personal story and mesmerised by what she achieved in the world. Her gentle spirit and kindness, as well as her energy and great joy at being alive really came through in every interview I saw of her. She […]