Can you be happy all the time?

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I’ve seen a lot of articles and books claiming to make you happy- all of the time. Is that possible? Or even desirable? Why would you want to be happy if your life was in a bad place? Meditation and mindfulness are about being realistic, knowing where you really are. Once you know your starting place, then you can begin to make any necessary changes to make your life better. But constant happiness? I’m not sure want that. Contentment and a realistic outlook on the world, that’s for me. I have a lot more reading to do on the subject (and there is a lot of it) but I think you can attain a sort of happiness just by accepting who you are. Make any changes to yourself you need -becoming a better listener, more patient, more mindful, someone who eats healthier and takes better care of their body- and then you can be joyful, but also grounded in reality.

Meditation and mindfulness can help you become more "you"
Meditation and mindfulness can help you become more “you”.

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